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From the US to Japan via Australia, the medical press is unanimous in agreement that CISTANOL® will be the greatest discovery of the 21st century.

“Naturally, without pharmaceuticals, without side effects or contraindications, CISTANOL® has the potential, alone, to regenerate the most worn out organisms and restore vitality and health...”. These are the verbatim words printed in the famous medical review “MedicalNews”.

Doctors, specialists and more importantly, gerontologists, recommend CISTANOL® to their patients, for prevention, but also as a treatment – this incredible formula has already proven its worth among the medical profession.

For the first time, science has unearthed an active ingredient more powerful than DHEA, more effective than RESVERATROL and all known molecules to date.

CISTANOL® is the new weapon against degenerative disease (Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, etc.) and the impact of cardiovascular, sexual, neurological, renal and pulmonary degeneration. A unique cell protector, it rejuvenates the tissues, tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage and strengthens muscle tone thereby reducing fat.

It boosts the immune system and allows the renewal of the cells of the internal organs, promoting integral health

Doctors trust CISTANOL®

Dr Alban

Dr Alban Michel Neurologist, Zurich

In all the time I’ve specialised in neurology, this is the first real development I’ve observed. My patients suffering Alzheimer’s are less confused, and their memory is more reliable. They are also significantly more alert. In general, memory, concentration and attention span are vastly improved with CISTANOL®. At the same time, it seems to combat fatigue, which is an added bonus for people suffering from a neurological disorder. They gain in determination and are very proud of the results they achieve. This treatment is, in my option, THE SOLUTION which others will adopt in years to come!

Dr John Wood

Dr John Wood
Gerontologist Colombus (U.S.A.)

It may not be possible to live forever, but at least nowadays it’s possible to grow older and stay healthy. I now prescribe CISTANOL® to all my patients. The results are clear and irrevocable. My patients enjoy much better health, they are more resistant, their senility recedes, they take part in the activities and events I organize, willingly and cheerfully. Before, they were lethargic and difficult to engage. Their families, too, comment on how they have changed and seem somehow younger! Their life expectancy has increased and I’m just please I can prescribe a treatment like CISTANOL® to them. It’s a significant breakthrough in medicine!

Dr. Julie Jense

Dr. Julie Jensen Rheumatologist
Oslo (Norway)

Until recently, the only arthrosis treatments I could prescribe were anti-inflammatories, analgesics or, in the worst cases, surgery with all the problems that can entail. By regenerating the cells, specifically the chondrocytes vital for building cartilage, CISTANOL® ‘heals’ fissures and joint damage and reestablishes the cartilage generation process. Pain fades and, more importantly, the new cartilage can once again play its protective, long-lasting role.