CISTANOL® the rejuvenating discovery of the 21st Century that’s revolutionising science

Anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-pain, anti-oxidant, regenerative, immune system booster, DNA protector...

CISTANOL® restores the vitality of your organs, your metabolism and your physical, mental and Pr Joshua Thomson emotional well-being!


Researchers know that nature holds the answer to many physical illnesses and that our current medicines all owe their roots to the natural world. Herbalists of the middle ages laid the foundations and paved the way for our modern-day allopathic medicine.

As life expectancy increases year by year, there is a growing need to seek out and identify natural active ingredients, the fruits of nature that will allow us to stay young for longer

Ageing is OK, but ONLY if we feel young and healthy!

The discovery, or rather the rediscovery, of Cistanche Tubulosa constitutes a huge step forward in the quest to combat the ageing process.

The active ingredient of this complex actually possesses multifold powers. The presence of Cistanosides, an anti-oxidant 15 times more powerful than Resveratrol and 5 times better than Vitamin C, should undoubtedly be credited for its great efficacy.

How old should you be to start taking CISTANOL®?

Cell destruction starts at the very time of our birth. The ageing process is ongoing from this point, although its most damaging inroads begin around the age of 40. If you want to enjoy full health for longer, protect yourself from the indignities of aging and prolong your life expectancy, you are strongly recommended to take CISTANOL® regularly from the age of 40 onwards!

How can CISTANOL® rejuvenate your organs?

It has been scientifically proven that the active ingredients of CISTANOL®: